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Materials Checklist

PowerFit20 Materials Checklist

Before the beginning of any PowerFit20 installation, the following materials will be needed. Quantities will depend on the size and scope of the installation being completed.

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  1. PowerFit20 (PF20) Modules
  2. PF20 WMS Wire Conduit
  3. PF20 WMS Spacer Tube
  4. PF20 WMS Junction Box Cover
  5. 8” MC4 Jumper Cable
  6. 7.5’ MC4 Jumper Cable
  7. 12.5’ MC4 Jumper Cable
  8. Custom length MC4 JumperCables if needed when setbacks are required.
  9. MC4 Male/Female heads
  10. Extra 10 AWG PV Wire formaking cables in the field.
  11. MC4 Crimping Tools
  12. Flex Pase/DynaFlex Ultra orequivalent silicon based adhesive.
  13. Rubber Wheeled PressureRoller
  14. Microfiber Rags
  15. Alcohol of 70% or Less
  16. Digital Multi-Meter
  17. Module Level PowerElectronics per Installer’s plan set
  18. Wire Conduit for going fromthe PV Array to Inverter per Installer’s plan set
  19. Combiner Boxes as needed perInstaller’s plan set
  20. Inverter(s) as needed perInstaller’s plan set