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Balance of System

Sunflare PowerFit 20 requires ancillary components and materials- some of which can be procured from Sunflare. Other components are available from various suppliers. This page should be used as guidance to ensure all the proper components are procured before installation begins

Metal Standing Seam Roof Width Requirement

In order for PowerFit20 to be properly installed, the width between the internal peaks of the seams must be no less than 15.5”. PowerFit20 is only compatible with flat standing seam roofs. Any striations or other non-flat surfaces may prevent the module from adhering for the intended lifetime.

Sunflare Components list

These components must be purchased through Sunflare or a certified Sunflare supplier.

Wire Management System Wire Conduit

(1 unit per PF20 module)
Specs: 1675.0 x 31.75 x 31.75 mm

PVC wire conduit that runs parallel with the peak of each seam. It will be justified to one side of the seam to allow for wiring for each module to go to the ridge cap. This piece will be installed with the butyl-based adhesive included with the component.

Wire Management System Spacer Tube

(1 unit per 2 PF20 modules)
Specs: 203.2 x 50.8 x 25.4 mm

PVC spacer tube used for two functions:
1) as placement between two adjacent modules and 2) as a way to adhere the junction box to the roof. The spacer tube comes with two sides of adhesive to install onto the roof and the underside of the junction box cover.

Wire Management System Junction Box Cover

(1 unit per 2 PF20 modules)
Specs: 388.3 x 235.0 x 31.9 mm

PVC junction box cover used to house and protect the wiring between two adjacent modules. It will be adhered using liquid adhesive to create a water-tight seal.

Recommended Component List

These components must be purchased by suppliers outside of Sunflare.

8” Jumper Cable

(1 unit per 2 PF20 modules)
Specs: 8” long. 10AWG PV wire with MC4 heads

Pre-cut MC4 PV cabling for an easy connection between two adjacent modules. This cable will be housed underneath the junction box cover.

7.5’ Jumper Cable

(1 unit per PF20 module that is closest to the ridge cap)
Specs: 7.5’ long, 10 AWG PV wire with MC4 heads

Pre-cut MC4 PV cabling for connecting one pair of modules to another pair of modules. This cable will run from a junction box on one PowerFit20, through the WMS wire conduit, to the next pair of PowerFit20s.

12’ Jumper Cable

(1 unit per 2 PF20 modules)
Specs: 12’ long, 10 AWG wire with MC4 heads

Pre-cut MC4 PV cabling for connecting (2) modules together in series for the PowerFit20. This cable will also allow for the top module to be connected to the MLPEs in the ridge cap where a 3 foot set back will be required.

AP Smart System Component RSD-S-PLC

(1 unit per 2-4 PF20 modules)
Specs: 129 x 30 x 16 mm

Allows for the rapid shutdown of the PV system while meeting the NEC 2017 and 2020 requirements. This device will be attached underneath the ridge cap of the building and connected to each row of modules per seam.
Website: https://apsmartglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/4301615202_RSD-S-PLC-Datasheet_Rev2.3_2021-11-11-1.pdf

Other Required Components


Consult your solar electric system designer to determine the optimal inverter that will be compatible with the PowerFit20 system. Attached is a compatibility list for the AP Smart component suggested by Sunflare. If the AP Smart component is not being used, one should consult the installer for the optimal inverter based on the array size.

MLPE (if not using AP Smart Components)

If the AP Smart Component is not being used to meet rapid shutdown requirements, it is important that the proper MLPE is used for a given system. Consult the Sunflare Compatibility Page for determining which inverter and accompanied MLPE is best for the desired system. All technical and installation documents should be read for the selected MLPE before installation.

Wiring for homeruns

Extra PV wiring will be needed to complete the PowerFit20 array. This wiring will be needed to connect modules between seams, as well as being used as the final homeruns going to the inverter. Consult your solar electrical designer that the proper gauge cable is used depending on the appropriate array size.

MC4 Male/Female heads

Sunflare’s PowerFit20 modules use MC4 male and female connectors. MC4 male and female connectors will be needed for completing the excess wiring with the proper sized PV cables.

The following components should always be considered when designing an array:

  • Rapid Shutdown wall switch
  • Proper PV system labels as required by NEC
  • Additional conduit to run from ridge cap to electric meter
  • Combiner boxes
  • Isopropyl Alcohol under 70% and microfiber rags for roof cleaning
  • Pressure roller for applying pressure to the module