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Solar technology has long been a passion of mine. It’s not simply the notion of renewable energy that I find inspiring, but also the refinement of its technology – how to make it more efficient, more conducive and inviting to businesses, and, perhaps most importantly, more affordable for people around the world. 

I’m proud to say that for the past several years, Sunflare has been working diligently towards these goals. And with Capture4, we’ve hit a milestone. This is our cell-by-cell manufacturing process with the highest degree of precision and the cleanest environmental footprint, allowing us to do what no manufacturer of CIGS thin-film has done before — mass-produce efficient, flexible solar panels that can go just about anywhere you can dream. 

Here at Sunflare, we envision a future where the sun powers everything it touches. We hope you’ll join us in that vision.

CEO of Sunflare

Our Mission

Changing solar. Changing the world.

Over the past 3 years, solar energy has doubled. Yet it’s still less than 2% of the world's total energy production. 

At Sunflare, we are committed to doing our part to reduce the world’s carbon footprint, and create a healthier planet for this and future generations.

Sunflare was founded on the principle of making renewable, solar energy available to all. From villages in Africa that don’t have access to electricity, to buildings in the largest urban cities. And beyond.

Together, we will change the world.



Welcome to Sunflare, leaders of the next generation of solar technology. We are the first company to successfully mass-produce light, thin, flexible, and durable CIGS solar panels. These revolutionary panels can seamlessly and easily integrate into existing commercial roof structures, new architecture and many manufactured products that need power without adding weight or interrupting the aerodynamics or design lines. At Sunflare, we believe in a future where everything built under the sun is powered by the sun.

The Sunflare Family

Located in three countries across the globe – USA, Sweden, and China – our company is made of healthy combination of leaders, dreamers and doers. If you’d like to read more about who we are, click below.

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Global citizen? Problem solver? Hoping to work in sunny places? Good news. We’re growing quickly, and we’d love to talk to you. If you see a position that’s suitable for your skillset, please send us your résumé, and someone will be in touch shortly.

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