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In this section we feature how to install Sunflare panels. Some of these videos were produced by our customers.

How-to Installation on Pop-up Tent

How do you install solar on an overland vehicle? This video will shows you how to install  Sunflare solar panels on a pop-up tent.

#AluCab #popuptent #installation

How to Install on Van

In this video Lou and Dana, from Wild We Roam, added flexible Sunflare solar panels on a 38-year old Mercedes 307d van.

#WildWeRoam #van #installation

How-to Installation on Travel Trailer

Joe Mooney, from Homesteadonomics.com created a video showing how to install flexible Sunflare solar on his DIY Travel Trailer.

#trailer #travel # installation

Features and Benefits:

Here’s an easy way to get to know the products features and benefits of Sunflare products.


How does shade effect the power output of a solar panel? Sunflare demonstrates the effect of leaves, etc. on your solar panels.

#Sunflare #solarpanels#testing

More Shading

What’s the best solar panel for shady situations? This video demonstrates how Sunflare bypass diodes work to produce more power.

#Sun #shading #testing


Sunflare is flexible, so it doesn’t micro-crack like other panels. For RVs and boats, that means more power.

#Sun #shading #testing


What do our customers have to say about Sunflare?

Graham Hill, Life Edited | Metal Standing Seam Roofs

Two-time TED presenter and founder of LifeEdited, Graham Hill, describes what he values about Sunflare solar modules.

#metalroofs #lifeedited #grahamhill

Brandon Weiss, Dvele

Brandon Weiss, Chief Innovation Officer at Dvele modular homes, describes what he values about Sunflare solar modules.

#Dvele #Home #Ventura

Robert Fritz, Project Navigator | All Metal Roofs

Robert Fritz, Project Navigator, talks about how he values Sunflare’s engineering innovations in solar.

#metalroofs #projectnavigator #solar

Bert Taylor, Vistabule Teardrop Trailers | RVs

Bert Taylor from Vistabule TearDrop Trailers talks about partnering with Sunflare and how easy it was to add thin, flexible solar.

#Vistabule #trailer #solar


This section features innovative ways people are using solar to have an impact on the world.

Built to serve That others may live | Search and Rescue

Sunflare solar allows this search and rescue vehicle to stay charged while using critical electronics during hours of search.

#KCSAR #searchandrescue #solar

A Closer Look | Search and Rescue

This video shows how solar and other technology used in King County Search and Rescue missions.

#KCSAR #searchandrescue #save

World’s first self-built solar powered Dolphin Tour Boat | Honest Eco

Billy Litmer is the captain and builder of the world’s first solar powered boat used for Dolphin Eco Tours

#HonestEco #Pointwest #Dolphin

A Closer Look | Honest Eco

In this video, Honest Eco’s founding captain, Billy Litmer, describes why Sunflare has the best solar panels for boats.

#HonestEco #BillyLitmer #Boat

Exploring the Arctic on a Repurposed Lifeboat | STØDIG

This video tells the story of two British architects who repurposed a lifeboat and challenged themselves to live sustainably with solar.

#stødig #lifeboat #marine

Off-Grid, On-water, Solar + Battery. Exploring the Arctic Circle. | STØDIG

This video demonstrates how Sunflare solar charged a comfortable life off-the-grid for two architects-turned-explorers.

#stødig #lifeboat #marine

Electrical System | STØDIG

This video gives a more detailed description of the electrical system on Stodig, a repurposed lifeboat.

#stødig #arcticlifeboat #ElectricalSystem

Off-Grid on Luxury | Maui House

This video features architect Graham Hill, Designer and founder of LifeEdited using Sunflare solar for an off-grid luxury home.

#MauiHouse #offgrid #sustainable

Americonic | Vistabule

The owner of Vistabule teardrop trailers talks about how easy it is to install Sunflare solar panels and bring comfort to camping.

#Vistabule #trailer #travel

About Sunflare:

About Sunflare

At Sunflare, we are committed to reducing the world’s carbon footprint and create a healthier planet for future generations.

#Sunflare #technology #Solarenergy

How We Work

Sunflare can help any manufacturer develop a new product or improve the customer experience in a current line by integrating solar.

#Sunflare #Partnership #solarenergy

Our Technology

Sunflare uses a proprietary, cell-by-cell production system technology that offers more precision and better quality CIGS solar panels.

#Sunflare #technology #manufacturing

Our Products:

PowerFit | For Stand Seam Metal Roofs

Power Fit solar modules nestle in between the seams of a metal standing seam roof so it’s practically invisible.

#Sunflare #technology #Application

PowerFit | For Stand Seam Metal Roofs

PowerFit solar module is easy for installers to apply. Just peel and stick the panels in between the seams on a standing seam roof.

#Sunflare #technology #Application

Flex60 | For TPO and other Membrane Roofs

This video shows how fast Sunflare Flex60 panels can be installed.  Sunflare panels have adhesive preinstalled on the back of the Flex60 solar panel--just peel and stick to TPO, or EPDM membrane roof.

#TPO #roof #installation


Solar tents bring power to backcountry

In this video we demonstrate how Sunflare allows Overlanders to stay out there. Wherever there is.

#AluCab #tent #camping

Building Off the Grid: Hawaiian Hideaway

This episode of on the DIY Network shows how Graham Hill built a luxury house off-the-grid using Sunflare solar modules.

#DIY #Hawaii #TinyHouse



This paper demonstrates that micro-cracking of “flexible” silicon panels occurs during delivery and when walked on.