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Frequently Asked Questions

Roof Information | Product Specifications | Technical Information | Availability

Roof Information

What types of roofs can Sunflare modules be installed on?

Is there a maximum roof angle Sunflare modules can be installed on?

Can I order standing seam roofs with the PowerFit modules already installed?

Can I max out my roof (oversize the system) for NEM benefits?

Can I install any of the Sunflare modules on the side of a building?

Can PowerFit20 be installed on my domed standing seam roof?

Product Specifications

What is the weight of Sunflare modules?

What are the module dimensions? 

What is the color of the modules?

Can I order the modules in a different color?

How do these modules do in extreme cold and heat?

Will the adhesive ooze out from under the module in the heat?

Are these modules trimmable?

Can I install the modules myself then have the electrician come do the rest?

Can I install PowerFit on my camper?

Where can I see an installation of the system?

Technical Information

What types of batteries and inverters are you compatible with?

What is the solar output per square foot?

What is the maximum wattage available for a module?

How much money do I get from the utility for exporting solar energy to the grid?

How do I get the ITC??


When will these modules be available to order?

How much does Sunflare cost?

Do you sell direct to consumers?