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A Modern Twist On An American Classic.
This Teardrop trailer uses Sunflare uses Sunflare thin, lightweight, flexible solar. 


Bert Taylor, Vistabule’s owner and president, had a challenge. His Vistabule retro trailer line was a success. It was sleek. Stylish. Filled with personality. Each one featured huge windows to take in breathtaking views. And every trailer was customizable with a host of attractive options, such as porch lighting, refrigerator/freezers, air conditioners, and more.

However, there were a few customers who wanted to unplug from the grid completely for a few days – without unplugging their lights, fans, and other electric-powered creature comforts of their Vistabule.


Naturally, some customers turned to solar. While this was the right solution in theory, the only option that seemed to be available was silicon solar panels.

You could either install the bulky, rigid solar panels onto the roof, which removed some of the charm from the trailer’s curvy, retro design, or, you could unpack the panels once you got to your destination – except they were a headache to pack since the inflexible panels took up so much camper space.

Either way, the panels were heavy and broke easily. A different way to harness the power of the sun was needed.

This Teardrop trailer uses Sunflare uses Sunflare thin, lightweight, flexible solar. 


Bert reached out to Sunflare, who quickly dispatched a team to his plant to help. “We talked with Sunflare about wanting to have a very integrated solution,” says Bert. “Sunflare was very engaged, got the ball rolling very quickly, got some samples in our hands.”

He quickly discovered that Sunflare modules were light, thin, and flexible. At the plant, he was able to integrate them seamlessly onto the Vistabule rooftop, taking nothing away from their design. Quite the contrary – they complemented the trailers.

“It’s just seamless,” said Bert. In fact, the addition of the Sunflare panels to the Vistabule “became a product that the customers were looking at as a cosmetic upgrade to the trailer.”

Additionally, because they’re so thin and lightweight, Sunflare’s solar panels added virtually no weight or drag to the trailer.

Of course, just because our panels lacked girth certainly didn’t mean they lacked power. Without sunlight, Sunflare keep the Vistabule powered for over 2 days. With sunlight, however, it could be powered practically forever.

Now, over half of all trailers are getting the Sunflare treatment. Owners can enjoy the great outdoors, without any sacrifice to modern-day comforts.

“They look beautiful on the trailers,” says Bert. “We are thrilled about it. So are the customers.”

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