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North America



The best module for Membrane roofs and OEM products.

The vision-changing solar solution we have all been looking for. It’s light, flexible, thin, durable, and created to exacting specifications.

Light, thin, flexible and durable

Faster, easier installation - just peel and stick. Requires no penetrations.

Sunflare installed modules are 86% lighter than silicon. Requires no racking, and no heavy ballasts.

Flexible CIGS Sun2 cells are encapsulated between durable polymer sheets. No glass.

Warranty for product workmanship and power production: 25-years for roofs, 2 years for OEM products

UL, IEC, CEC certified. Class A fire rated

Sunflare modules are better than traditional silicon panels in partial shade. Sunflare modules have bypass diodes for each individual cell. This means when a cell is shaded, only that individual cell stops producing power. Traditional solar modules have a bypass diode per string of cells. Therefore, if just one cell is covered the whole string will not produce power. If the shade is across a single row, the entire panel can be knocked out.


Want to know more?

Sunflare panels are more far more flexible than silicon-based solar panels—even the “semi-flexible” products that are marketed. That makes them easier to install. More importantly, that eliminates micro-cracking. Micro-cracking compromises the electrical integrity and reduces the power output of the panels over time. It can happen with silicon cells with the flexing of sport and recreational driving or the pounding of running at sea, or the rough handling of panels take in transit. Sunflare panels can even be walked on without damage

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