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Yakima Electrifies Roof Storage With Its First Solar-Powered Cargo Box

While Yakima started out as a small Washington-based machine shop, over the last four decades it’s since grown into one of the world’s leading rack, accessory, and cargo box purveyors. Yakima’s already-expansive catalog of products is now being expanded upon with the release of the company’s new-for-Fall 2020 CBX Collection.

In addition to Yakima’s first-ever bike rack designed specifically for e-bikes, the CBX Collection also includes the SOLAR Cargo Box. The new SOLAR Cargo Box boasts a micro-texture-adorned exterior, a revised mounting hardware arrangement that maximizes the available cargo space, and an integrated handle that detaches when the box is locked, making it all the more secure and affording it a more streamlined, less-cluttered aesthetic. The most noteworthy element of the box, however, is its integrated 36-watt solar panels. Manufactured by California-based solar company, Sunflare, the system produces a 5V output and packs copper indium gallium selenide solar panels which are incredibly lightweight, capable of withstanding severe impacts, and a whopping 95% thinner than standard crystalline-silicone panels. Scheduled for a release on August 15, 2020, the Yakima CBX SOLAR Cargo Box has been priced art $1,299.

PURCHASE: $1,299

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