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Vistabule teardrop trailers go off-grid with Sunflare flexible solar panels


Spending quality time out-of-doors is not only fun, but science says it's good for our well-being too. For camping enthusiasts, there's many ways to camp in comfort beyond a regular tent, and a lightweight teardrop trailer is one of them. Minnesota-based Vistabule makes some very nice retro-flavoured gems, and they are now partnering up with flexible solar panel maker Sunflare (previously) to offer a teardrop that can go off-grid, allowing you to turn on lights, charge your devices and even run a small refrigerator -- all powered by the sun.


Seen over at Inhabitat, there is a nice mix of portability, comfort and styling here. Vistabule teardrops are known for their large picture windows, clever space-saving features, such as fold-away tables and a "semi-automatic" bed that conveniently turns into a sofa, creating more interior space when you need it.


When in sofa-mode, a collapsible coffee table can be deployed; when the bed is in open mode, side tables can fold up from the side doors, meaning that there's always a table handy. The trailer's clever full-height headboard design is where you store your stuff.

The kitchen is simple but well-designed; there is lots of storage here, and best of all, there's a pass-through window that lets you pass dinner into the cab interior, in addition to allowing you to see from your car mirror all the way through the trailer and back at any traffic behind you.

With Sunflare's solar panels installed, you can completely charge two smartphones, or partially charge a laptop, turn on the lights and fan, or run a refrigerator for two and a half days, or operate a heater for three hours. As the CEO of Vistabule's parent company Bert Taylor explains: When we first started our business, we wanted to make a camping trailer that was beautiful, energy efficient, and would easily blend technology with human comfort. Adding Sunflare solar collection panels to our Vistabule trailers substantially lengthens the time campers can be off the grid, and greatly enhances the entire camping experience.


The base price for the Vistabule starts at USD $17, 995 before adding on options. Weighing in at 1,500 pounds, the Vistabule can be pulled by most small cars, making it a flexible option for those who are looking to camp in a little extra comfort. For more info, visit Vistabule and Sunflare.

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