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Alternatives to the Tesla Solar Roof (updated 2021)

Sunflare has an upcoming product called the PowerFit 20. Unlike most solar panels that are based on crystalline silicon, the PowerFit will be based on thin-film technology. Thin-film is sometimes used in a small, portable applications but rarely for rooftop or utility solar farms, with the notable exception being panels from the US company First Solar.

Despite its niche status, thin-film does have promise. Sunflare’s PowerFit is intended specifically for standing seam metal roof, where it will fit neatly between the seams. Take a look at this screenshot from their promotional video:

A Sunflare PowerFit panel being installed.
Sunflare PowerFit panel being installed.

Each panel will be 65 inches long, 14 inches wide and generate 60 watts. The technology used is copper indium gallium selenide, also known as CIGS.

This product is not yet released, but the manufacturer says it’ll be available in May 2021 and encourages prospective customers to sign up on their website for updates.

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