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Change the energy landscape.

Plant a tree and be eligible to win a solar panel.

Sunflare’s mission is to reduce CO2 and encourage people to make an impact on global warming. You can personally have an impact in many ways.

Here are just two:

Plant a tree – trees scrub the air by absorbing CO2. Right now, we are producing CO2 at a greater rate the trees and ocean can help clean.

Very often when Sunflare exhibits at a conference or Expo we give out trees.

If you’ve received one of ours you can plant that. Or plant one that you buy yourself. The more trees the better off we will all be.

Use solar rather than fossil fuels to create energy.

Thanks for being part of the change!

Here are the contest rules:

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @flexiblefuture.

Post your picture of your planted tree and tag us between May 17-19, 2019 #sunflaresolargiveaway

By doing so, your name will be entered automatically for our solar panel giveaway. We will giveaway 3 Sunflare solar panels to 3 participants.

If you have any questions, please email info@sunflaresolar.com