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Sunflare Solar vs Silicon

The Benefits for RVs and Overland vehicles

Sunflare solar panels are constructed for rugged expedition. We start with a flexible, stainless steel substrate and add a layer of semiconductors less than one micrometer thick.Then the modules are covered with a polymer top sheet. Rigid silicon panels are covered with glass and can shatter when hit by rocks or branches.

Sunflare Flexible Panels vs Rigid Silicon Panels

Traditional silicon solar panels are rigid, heavy and thick. They must be mounted with hardware and require multiple penetrations in the RV.

Sunflare module

Sunflare module thickness is 1.7 mm
Weight: 11 lbs

Silicon panel

Silicon modules thickness is 40-50 mm
Weight: 44 lbs

Easy Installation

Sunflare comes with adhesive pre-applied on to the back, so installation is a breeze. Just peel and stick. Wait 48 hours and that panel can withstand gale force winds.

What makes Sunflare the best panel for recreation?

Sunflare vs Semi-Flexible Silicon

Twist Panel
Flexible Silicon

Semi-Flexible Silicon Micro-Cracks

Micro-cracks are minute cracks in silicon solar cells that are impossible to see, but impact the performance of your panel. Micro-cracks can be caused by the flexing and vibration of a vehicle during off-road or rough road travel. It can also be caused by mishandling in the delivery process, or in the installation process. Sunflare panels are not made of brittle silicon, and they do not micro-crack.

Micro-Cracking As Shown By Electroluminescence Photography.

Electroluminescence Photography

Some fractured cells already at delivery

Electroluminescence Photography

After walking on top row, cell fractures easily > dark pattern

Electroluminescence Photography

After walking on top row and right column

Electroluminescence Photography

After walking 1 lap

Performance Of Semi-Flexible Module At Delivery And After Walking

Performance Graph
  • Module underperforms already at delivery.

  • By walking on the module cells fracture and Power is reduced.


Sunflare is better in partial shading vs traditional panels. Sunflare has bypass diodes at every cell so that if one cell is shaded that’s the only cell that turns off. Other panels have a bypass diode per string (or per 2 strings). That means if one cell in that string is shaded, the whole string is knocked out. Depending where the shade falls, for example, if a branch casts a shadow across a row, the entire panel could be totally knocked out.
Shading facts, a side by side test:

Shading graph

Light, Thin, flexible and rugged panels follow the line of any product design and does not add aerodynamic drag.


Solar For Individual Adventurers and Overlanders

105W Panel

105W Panel

Quick View
126W panel

126W Panel

Quick View
180W panel

180W Panel

Quick View


2 product workmanship warranty

25 Year Energy Production warranty.
Linear Energy Production Guarantee assures a minimum:

90% efficiency output for first 10 years
80% efficiency output 11-25 years

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This video shows how to install Sunflare panels on a rooftop tent.

Shading and Bypass Diodes Demonstration

This video demonstrates the benefit of Sunflare bypass diodes on your solar panel to improve your camping experience.